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Cleaning rules

At the end of the lease, guests should make a final cleaning themselves or order this service at an additional cost. It should be noted that even when ordering and paying final cleaning, guests should leave the cottage in order with the furniture located in their places. If guests clean themselves, then they should observe the following rules: Bedrooms and living room:
  • It is necessary to remove bed linen
  • Beds need to be covered with bedspreads
  • All furniture must be in its place

In the kitchen:
  • Wash the dishes and put it in the closet
  • Take the garbage out of the trash containers into the container
  • Take out the empty bottles in a plastic bag and leave next to the waste container
  • Empty and wash the refrigerator and freezer
  • Wash the stove, oven, hood and microwave
  • Check whether the coffee machine, kettle and toaster are clean
  • Wipe the kitchen table and other surfaces in the kitchen
  • Discard unused products

  • Make cleaning in the sauna
  • In the toilet wash the sink and toilet bowl, wipe the mirror and other surfaces, take out the garbage
  • Take out the ashes from the fireplace
  • Vacuum (sweep up) the floor (including under the beds and cupboards) and the sofas
  • Make a wet floor cleaning
  • Wipe the windows of the windows from the inside
  • Make the cleaning of the terrace (sweep)
  • If there was a pet in the cottage, you also need to take care of the cleanliness of the yard
  • If you rented a cottage in the cold season-convector on 2 floors. You need to disconnect, warm floors on 1 floor. Set minimum temperature relay to 10?
  • The door to the balcony and the entrance door must be closed

Please note: If the cleaning rules are not met, the deposit will not be fully refunded, and upon inspection the landlord will have to order the final cleaning of the cottage, then the customer is obliged to pay it in accordance with the invoice issued by the owner, the amount may exceed the cost of the pre-ordered cleaning.